You Can Always Earn Profits Playing Low Limit Hold’em

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During the last 17 years, I have earned from $400 to $750 per month playing live low limit hold’em games. I play an average of 3 hours per day. I am a recreational player. But I only enjoy playing if I earn some money.

I Won this money by following a few (what I call) rules of play that work exceptionally well for low and medium limit poker. I developed these rules by reading the available books and paying attention at the table.

Some recent poker books actually guarantee that you will lose money. They tell players to play too many hands. However, they are valuable to read for three reasons. First, they teach you what hands most other players play. Second, they teach you how to win more pots but lose money over the long run. And, they help you see what not to play. You can’t beat the rake in low limit poker if you play too many hands.

Follow these rules and you will always earn money in the long run. As you gain skill, your earnings will increase. Your skill will come from learning to read other players
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